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Erin X. Smithers is a freelance photographer and blogger whose work explores and expresses the essence and beauty of life and nature, as told through performances and story-telling.

Born and raised in China during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, Erin was influenced during her upbringing by her late grandmother who exemplified a life of inner harmony and mindfulness of others through good intentions and kindness. She learned from her father to be of service to others and to the world, and who encouraged her to empower oneself with endless curiosity and learning.

Erin’s first introduction to jazz was from both her father and John Coltrane’s song Alabama, along with stories about the Civil Rights Movement in America. These opened the door and started a lifelong love of jazz for her, along with helping to form her strong beliefs in non-violence. Erin believes there is healing power in the sounds and words of music, and that through this we all share a common spiritual connection. 

You can find more of Erin’s at a blog with Eric Jackson.

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